Newbie Question regarding Wallpaper Layout

Good morning,

I work for a designer who hand paints wallpaper and we are new to Sketchup. I have these questions:

A.) Is it possible to format/customize/save SketchUp to input our wallpaper panels so that we can draw the wall, and then place the panels on top of the wall, next to each other, seeing how many we will then need.

B.) Can Sketchup help us do the math to have each wall be as symmetrical as possible with ‘installed panel width’.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

It would help us answer your questions if you supplied a typical example, a photo, say.

You refer to wallpaper panels. When I think of wallpaper, I think of rolls, but I expect you mean pre-painted paper panels of a given size. You may not be interested in reproducing the pattern itself if each is a one off, but may be more concerned with fitting a given panel size to a given wall size. But I’m having to guess…

I don’t think you need a 3d application for this but you do need one that can display and manipulate 2d objects TO SCALE. Some lower cost CAD application may work for you. I’d look around before getting invested in 3d SketchUp (unless you want to display the results as in a room).

Is this what you want to do?

Yes. I need to be able to place 26 inch wallpaper panels next to each other to scale.

If I had made my panels 26" wide and drawn the wall the right size, the same principle would apply.

I am not sure you can expect SU to “do the math” though. A knowledge of geometry is what is needed. That is why I included construction lines to indicate how I would proceed if I wanted equal gaps between panels and corners.

It may be possible to make a Dynamic Component that automates some of this. You can, for example, create a picket fence where the number and spacing of pickets is defined by the fence length, which is a similar exercise to yours.