Wall panels

I’m a builder and not a designer. i want to be able to create simple 2d wall panels that show the framing elements from home prints. can anyone help?

You could:

  1. Learn to draw them manually using components (see http://learn.sketchup.com)
  2. Find an extension that will draw the top and bottom plates and studs to fit in the overall dimensions of the wall. Medeek Wall is one such, Maj Wall is another.
  3. Find or devise a Dynamic Component to customise to size
  4. See if there is a Live Component which will do what you want.

If you only do it occasionally, and your walls are simple, try 1. first.

Why only 2D?

Can I ask what you mean by wall panel?

Hi- no time to learn. Purchased medeek wall panel and it’s over my pay grade. I only need 2 d and want to keep things simple. Thanks.

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It’s a pre-built section of a house wall.

Ok…my context is always millwork not framing. So that’s interesting. Do you have a sample image of what you need?

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I can readily understand why learning how to model 2D wall panels in SketchUp may not be high on your list … and that you have no interest in doing this modeling yourself. But as usual, @john_mcclenahan is absolutely correct, modeling 2D walls panels in SketchUp is relatively straight forward. And because of this, there will be a boat load of folks who will offer to do this modeling for you.

But the modeling itself is probably not the key to a long term solution for you … if indeed you are looking for a long term solution. But since you a builder … my guess is that you are interested in a long term solution.

With that in mind … some of the issues that come to mind are:

  1. What do you see as the deliverable from the modeling exercise? … 2D model that you can show to the client “on screen” … rendering (on paper with title block etc.) for your client? … dimensioned shop drawing for whomever is building the panel? … bill of material for whomever is managing the panel build?

  2. How reusable does each model need to be? … is every model a “one off” for a specific job/client? … or should each new model be reusable for future jobs/clients? … do the models need to be extensible so that they can be readily modified/extended for future jobs/clients?

So there you have it.

Will send you a PM if you want to pursue this further.

E. Godsey
GTA Design

You have to put at least some minimal time into learning a new tool.

You could use just the rectangle and line tools to draw the framing in 2D. For example, like this:

Sample 2D wall.skp (89.9 KB)

I’ve used a few 2D components.
One for the outline of the wall.
One for the top wall plate.
One for the two-piece bottom plate
Multiple copies of one stud component
Multiple copies of the spacer component, the last one scaled to be shorter.
One door header.
Took me just a few minutes to draw from scratch.

PS. Or use one of @egodsey’s suggested approaches.

This can’t be all that complicated but I can’t even open your drawing.

Thanks for taking the time to help. Please see my responses below.

If you are using the Free web version, you ought to be able to, but I’ll save it back to v2017, in case your profile is out of date and you are actually using SU Make 2017.

Try this one:
Sample 2D wall.skp (95.9 KB)

PS. I have checked that this version opens properly in both the Free Web version, and SU 2017.

Hi John- I got it open. Let me play with it. Thanks for your help.