Material takeoff (Material Count)

Hi, i work for an architectural company, we make canopies for apartments and hospitals and many other customers…
does someone knows a way to calculate the type and amount of material used in a model…

i mean, something that will show me

23 feet of 2"x4" Tube
10 Feet of Pipe

Something like this… i know there is feature called “generate report” but that show whole bunch of extra stuff as well…

Please Help if someone has a Answer… Some extension or anything helpful. Thanks

profile builder 2 would probably be the best, can you share a typical example of your work? then the communititycan help create a workable model

Philip, thanks for relying…

i am attaching a really typical model of an awning, I’ve shown the pieces that go together to make a standing seam awning, in this model i have used 1"x1" Alum Tube, 2"x1" Alum. tube and Deck pans (Panels) etc. i want help in finding total (length) of each component i used for a model. this is a really typical model but trust me it gets really complex and big in size.
i tried using “FILE>GENERATE REPORT” but it doesn’t really help…

Standing Seam Awning Model.skp (172.9 KB)

a simple solution would be to create layers for nominated materials, like 1" tube, 2" tube, Deck…
then for a given model switch that chosen layer off, use entity info, and select any item that meets the criteria and place them on to that layer, it will vanish, then once all moved to that layer, switch it back on. Then make a scene with just that layer showing. Then do a report on that scene, (control A to select all visible in scene)

layer and volume could give an insight, Layer and LenY, works if all items have lengths in LenY direction. I changed the axis on the flashing to achieve this. You would note that in the inch tube there are some where axis is not along the Y direction

You need to decide on a layer and axis orientation, Personally I like the sections on Xaxis with Z up, and the lengths along the Y

You could eventually set up a template for future jobs which have the designated layers and report templates contained
Standing Seam Awning Model with layer and report.skp (197.5 KB)
Once you have decided on your designated layer and axis system then forward (private message if sensitive) a more complicated model then can show how to create a VBA sorting script for excel to create a customized list.

This is just a starting point, you may consider Dynamic Components and ruby scripts as you build up and stream line your work flow

Philip, Thank you sir…

i was not expecting that someone will give me such a detailed answer along with the model… i will incorporate these changes on my next model and i"ll update you with the result.

i’ll show you some completed model that i have to work with, so you can get an overview of the help i need…
Please don’t feel obligated to help me, i am just excited to learn more and help my other departments better…

i have been doing this for 2 years as a senior designer and still i feel like i don’t know enough. ruby script, i haven’t messed with it yet.

Sir, you are for sure more knowledgeable than i am but if you ever need any help please keep me in mind.


The community is here to help each other, I have learnt a lot from here and in viewing other members queries and solutions. I return the favor back where I can.
I am a quantity surveyor myself, so I am interested in this side and development in SketchUp. So it is to mutual benefit, if we can create solutions in this area.

Please investigate the extension “profile builder 2” as a possible (or part of ) solution as well, although it does cost after the evaluation period, It may fit your requirements without the need to develop one yourself.

Check out Estimator for SketchUp for quantity takeoffs and reporting