BOM (How to generate report of same Extruded material but in different lengths)

I work with a canopy company, and we use Sketchup for Modeling them.
We want BOM to be generated by SketchUp and not manually made in excel.
Just to make it very simple, i will attach a model with few deck pans, these deck pans are the same extrusion but different length, i have been naming them different when creating a component, for example, 6" Deck pans (10") and 6" Deck Pan (15") but this gets too hard when the models are huge and i have to change those componentsSketchup Community.skp (130.0 KB)
. because then i have to change the component names too.
I basically need help with generating a BOM.

What version of SU are you using? - can you update your profile please - your model is 2018, yes.

Coincidentally, I am putting together a BOM for a cottage project with similar metal roof - I use an SU extension - Profile Builder 2 which has a helpful report function. It has been updated as a separate extension called Quantifier Pro.

Since the upload is in version 18, I guess you are using Pro, which means you can use Generate Report.
The way you have drawn the Deck panels, is not considered the ideal way of modeling in SketchUp. The axes of the components are placed somewhere in the middle, I guess by the way you altered the length.
Besides that, the raw geometry should reside on the Default Layer0 (the non-layer)
I would create one component (all edges and faces on the Default Layer0) and assign the Component to the differnt Layers:

then, you can simply scale the components and generate a report:

Here is the file with the embedded altered report:

Sketchup Community.skp (130.0 KB)


Thanks for replying you all.
i wasn’t expecting replies so quick.
@GSTUDIOS , Sir, i am sorry i am new to this community, by that i mean i had logged in few time but i didn’t really learn how to use this community chat. i am sorry for that.
i will look into the extension, but before that, i was trying to find any inbuilt options.

@MikeWayzovski Sir, just with these simple five steps you have shown me a world that i haven’t seen before. Sorry about the axis and Lawer mistake, i just grabbed parts from our library and threw them in a new SketchUp file for the sake of my question.
Sir, i have never used the scale tool to change sizes, i will try what you had shown, and I’ll be back. i don’t want to waste your time without me first trying what you explained.

Thanks to you both of you again.

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@MikeWayzovski Sir, i have 2 Questions.

  1. Why did you put 3 middle deck pans to the layer Cover?
  2. How did you use the “Scale Tool” to change length? i know when you change scale it gets bigger but when i select the scale and put 5, it makes it 5 times bigger.

i have been using SketchUp for 3 years, but right now after seeing you i feel like i am new.

That was because the raw geometry (edges and faces) of the middle components was on that layer…
I figured maybe you had some purpose for that

When you activate the scale tool, it defaults to scale with a factor. But when you add the units, you can scale more precisely.
Activate the scale tool, drag on the apropriate green handle, let go of the mouse and type the dimension with the unit (eg, 64’ or 120mm) then hit enter