Materials List help

So I am wondering how to get a materials list for a project that was downloaded. I am using a bike shed design, but need to be able to know what materials to buy for building it.

Depending on how it is modelled, you can select surfaces for square footage, use volumes for cubics
or components/groups statistics for count of stuff, it is higly dependent on what the intentions were to model it.

I am looking for a materials list like how many studs is it going to take
how much sheathing do I have to have to cover the entire device, etcetera
is there not a way to print all this out

There are several extensions that can generate cut lists but their utility depends on how you create the model. They can only report what you have drawn.

Thank you very much for your response I am looking for more explicit
instructions on how to develop that list or create it or find it if there
is one based on what has been drawn from an existing model someone else
already uploaded

Yeah, but if the creator did not take any effort to provide information, it wil be guessing. What model ? Did you download it from the 3D Warehouse ? please provide a link.

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