Generate report. Total sum of LenY list

Dear friends,

I have a component, that has LenY attribute as a length. I draw a product using this component and I need to know the total length of all components used in a product.

Using GENERATE REPORT in previous SketchUp versions, excel (csv) file at the end of the list (last row) automatically calculated total sum of all components.

in 2018 it generates only list of component’s length.

How I can make the total sum calculations and the end of the generated list?

Thank you.

If you look at the report in a Spreadsheet application such as Google Sheets or Excel, you can add a formula to the final cell: =SUM(A1:A20) where A1:A20 is a placeholder for the Column Letter and the range of cells you want to calculate (in this case, it would be Column A and cells 1-20).

Dear alexoliver, thank you for your reply.
Yes, currently I’m using this way for calculating total sum.

But, this is extra manual action.

In previous version (2015) generated file at the last row automatically calculated the total sum.
Why SketchUp has removed this calculation?

It is not removed, drag the LenY in the box and click on the settings icon, choose total

Dear Mike, thank you for your reply.

I’ve tried this option. Doesn’t work. Generates list of component’s length, no total sum. :neutral_face:

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To help, here is an example, two custom reports saved to the model, that shows list then another showing sums of lenY for similar objects
reports, sums or list.skp (46.7 KB)

You could use an attribute named “Sum” to have same values as lenY in your DC so to make a clearer table

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Dear pcmoor, thank you for your example.

Please have a look on attached image, I’m trying to achieve this calculations (RED COLOUR).

Thank you.

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Then you do a sum report with just the component definition, but theres no list and sum, you would have to download both and join them… which is unlikely the solution

reports, sums or list.skp (47.5 KB)

Another way would be to do an off_line report, this returns a report like the one you got in 2015. you need to be off-line before opening Sketchup to achieve this.

As suggested before, excel may be your best shot to achieve the table you require.
Another suggestion is to use the excel VBA script writer to create a customized table from the data from a report, if its an odd sum, then your manual method is likely to be the best, otherwise you can upload your requirements and I can build a macro for you. I find that a VBA macro is the best method of populating layout tables, title blocks…all in 4 clicks