Sketchup Generate report feature is returning different LenX, LenY & LenZ values

This is my first time posting and I’ve noticed a lot of quirks with sketchup.

I had set out to create a kitchen cabinet generator by using Sketchup natvie Dynamic Components
Everything was going well, so I though. Objects appear to be symmetrical and are the correct height. The step I was most looking for was to generate a report of all the components, filter out the unnecessary ones with a DC attribute named “Skip” and have the Generate report feature return me the LenX, LenY & LenZ values.
Now when I run the Generate Report feature, I find that the reports LenX, LenY & LenZ values do not match the ones that are set for the components and are visible in the Dynamic Components attribute windows, even the tape measure shows that the values match the ones in attributes list.
I’ve added a picture with the respective attribute windows and the resulting report, as well as .skp file for troubleshooting.
My question is, what’s causing the “Generate Report” LenX, LenY & LenZ values to differ from the actual component LenX, LenY & LenZ values?

Magical Double Door.skp (381.7 KB)

You have set the significance to one decimal place in the report, so it appears that 46.439 shows as 46.5 (it seems to round up) whereas the significance in the dimension rounds to nearest. Change the significance to two decimal places for report as a fix.

I would turn off length snapping as well as this can lead to unnoticed small differences when scaling to inferences

Thank you for your quick reply!
I am not worried about small variations in decimal places.
What I was expecting was for all the nested items to have the same dimensions as the parent one and both the doors to be the exact same size. That is true in the sketchup model itself, as tape measure shows that the parts are equal sizes, bu the report is returning different values for almost every object.
The part from which I’m actually collecting the dimensions is the Door Slab, because the Door object has a handle in it on the same level, the dimensions of the component box would be greater than a sheet of plywood.
If the Door Contains a Handle and Slab, where the slab, has the exact same dimensions as the Door, how come they vary?

Could you post the cabinet, as the door example you posted references it.

There is no need to set size for combined door/handle, but pass the size to each item

I had another look. there are scaling issues with the doors, out of sync. I think this is over worked, I would like the cabinet as reference, so can fix

Thank you for taking time and looking into my issue!

I just came across the fact that there are 2 different length types - Object Length and DC Length, the DC ones do correspond to tape measure values, which is good, but I’m still curious why this issue is occurring.

How did you come to a conclusion that there are scaling issues?
Are there any tools that you’re using to determine that?
Wall Cabinet.skp (595.5 KB)

Scaling Issues
Check the grey default value of the suspected item, if after cutting the formula the value is different, then this is the value that is reported.
Some how the raw geometry has been scaled, this is quite likely with reuse of a component and modifying it, and allowing it to be saved with a non-default scale (maybe, still investigating??)
These are hidden attributes that add _nominal to the size
this can be deleted to fix the issue

or the geometry needs to be rebuilt, check the post

Dan’s script is very useful to correct the problematic DC,


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