Component: Wrong Attribut Len(X,Y,Z) values are displayed - Drawing measurement shows correct values


Dear Sketchup Support,

I can’t set the Component Attribut Value to the correct value. I have no idea what is wrong. I attached my sketchup file and 2 screenshots for your to best understand the problem. I hope that the problem can be reproduce my you.

Overview of the Problem:
Overview of the Problem

Step-by-Step Reproduction Guide:

My sketchup file:
Festtool Schranksystem.skp (966.8 KB)


use an equal sign

 = 1.9


@Jeff Nope, that does not solve the bug in the system.


then really, i don’t know what you’re expecting to happen.

the reason why it’s saying 2.475 cm is because that’s the size of the original component definition… go to the component browser and drag in the component “Sockelstrebe”… it’s 24.75mm wide… that’s why LenX is showing it as such.

i think it would be helpful for you to describe what you’re expecting to happen… i understand what you’ve shown so far so no need to describe it again… what’s the end goal though?


Something is odd with the component. I would expect the dialog to update when the instance is scaled, which it does not.



Good Feedback, I have not thought that the component taken from the component browser has the size of LenX: 24.75mm. That’s explains why the default size is 24.75mm.

But what is the different between entering an value with prefix “=” and without “=” prefix? Is there an documentation article which I had to read?

I see now with an new mind that everytime I enter an value without an prefix “=” that the component drawing gets updated but the component attribut value does not hold this new value as his instance value.