Creating Number Array

Is there a way to automatically show a sequence of numbers in SU? I would like to number the RU sections in a 19" rack.


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Nothing native. It would need a Ruby extension.
Check Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation PluginStore.

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Thanks Dan.

Too bad. I also needed for numbering terminal blocks

A quick look in both Sketchucation Plugin Store and Extension Warehouse searching for ‘auto number’ or ‘auto numbering’ didn’t find anything for me.

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Looong ago someone wrote an incrementing text plugin [TBD at ?] to add numbers that incremented - e.g. risers on a staircase…

It’d be easy enough to rework it to make some flat / gluing 3d-text objects placed at the picked-point, which increment at each pick…

But it won’t be ‘free’ as it involves some not inconsiderable work…
So a manual solution is the best bet at the moment !!

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Kinda missing this in SketchUp, but probably more needed in Layout.