Changing "Starting page for auto-text page numbering" in Layout

Hi, I am trying to change what page is referenced for my auto page numbering.
I found somewhere online saying to go to File > Document Setting.
When I click Document settings nothing happens.
Not sure what to do, thanks.

Look at Document Setup>Auto Text and go to Page Number.
Screenshot - 3_25_2022 , 7_34_21 PM

When I click Document settings, nothing opens. tried saving and re-launching the program and the same thing, I click File > Document settings and it doesnt open that window

There is no “Document settings”. There’s Document Setup. Are you possibly clicking on Page Setup?

Show a screen shot of what you see.

There’s nothing to show,

I click file, click document settings and nothing opens

I keep saying settings but mean setup haha, nothing opens

You should get a new window when you click on Document SETUP. Is it opening off screen?

Did you install SketchUp and LayOut correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator?

Nothing opens, if I alt-Tab, theres no hidden windows, I closed and reopened and nothing, I checked for updates, up to date. not sure what to do

As Dave said.

maybe not, should I reinstall? I tried running the program as an admin and didnt do anything

Do as Dave says, close both sketchup and layout, go to the install.exe that you downloaded, select it, right click on it and choose Run as admin, follow the prompts and choose repair when given the option.

Done, Repaired as Admin, still not opening anything. Thought that was gonna be it. This is the only issue I’ve had, everything else seems to work perfectly. thanks for the quick responses

Are you using a second monitor via a hub?
If so try un plugging and see if it work on the original screen.

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I unplugged my second monitor and the Doc Setup appeared, thanks, I dont have a hub just two Hdmi ports

Try plugging back in with the Document Setup onscreen and see if it stays in place and will close and open.

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Yes it seems to close and open after plugging monitor back in

So now you can get back to setting your page.

So far so good, thanks alot!

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