LO: number at top left corner on one page?

See pic - an 8 page LayOut document and on page 6 in the top left of the canvas is a number; 3967.
Zooming in/out makes no difference - number stays the same, can’t select it either. Suggestions?

Edit: sign-out & sign-in again seems to have done the trick. Number is gone

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Did you delete the person icon in the toolbar?

no I didn’t delete myself :wink:

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And the 3967 is back - strange enough on the same page in the 8 page document as before.
Any suggestion from the SU team what this means / could cause this?

Can you share the LO file? We can see if it’s actually in the file or not.

Is it a Layout text (no clue how to fix it, not yet a big layout user) or could it be a “screen text” that is inside the sketchup model (open the file in sketchup and delete or hide the screentext?)?

@DaveR Cant share the file - its a big commercial project.
@AntonioC It looks like a LayOut user interface text - zooming in/out doesnt change it. There’s no screen text in SketchUp.

I was guessing its some sort of LayOut error code…will investigate more…

You could share it privately if you want. I wouldn’t share it with anyone else.

There’s no point in guessing about the cause. Without the file that’s all we can do. Good luck with your investigation.

The first time it got solved by signing out and back in.
If you do change the toolbar and add the person icon, does it still show after a restart?

New day and the number is gone (crossing fingers) AND the page can be exported to pdf again (faisl when the number is on screen).

The person icon is on the toolbar - never removed it.
Next time will sign out&in again.

Maybe, the issue is fixed with the latest update…
You can get 2022.0.1 from the downloads page:


Download All | SketchUp

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Just updated… we’ll see.

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