Sheet List Tables & Custom Page Numbers

I’m a CAD manager in the AEC industry - always trying to come up with new, more efficient ways of modeling/drafting. Currently we use AutoCAD LT for all of our shop drawings - the drawback being that AutoCAD LT is 2D, so we basically draw a number of representations of our product (one for a section view, one for a plan view, one for a side view, etc.) as opposed to just drawing a 3D virtual product and deriving views from that. The latter is something I’d like to work towards, however AutoCAD LT is immensely better for creating drawing sets than LayOut.

It’d be nice if Layout had custom sheet list tables, custom page numbers (A1.1, A1.2…), and maybe an automated revision table.

I’d also like to see autotext for view labels and callout tags. What if you could import a scene into layout and the scene had embedded attributes such as scene number, scale, and scene name that automated text in a view label as well the callout tags associated with said view? AutoCAD LT can do this and more via the Sheet Set Manager tool. I’d be very tempted to convert to using Sketchup and LayOut for everything at my company if they made the drafting side (LO) as simple and easy to use as the modelling side (SU).


I suspect some of these things could be managed with a custom LayOut template.

What sort of information do you want in your callout labels?

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I’d be looking to have view labels with a number, view name, and scale that automate to the SU scene. The scenes already have a name - It would just be a matter of making autotext that draws its data from that name. Similarly, autotext could automate to a view number and view scale.

I also think it would be beneficial to have autotext for page numbers… not just the current page number. For instance, if I wanted a callout tag to reference view 3 on sheet A1.1 - I could have it automate to say just that.

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