Auto-Text for Scene name in Layout



I’m really loving the relatively new auto-text feature in Layout. Is there a way to create an auto-text label for Scenes? Perhaps this feature could be added to a future update.


Auto-text for Scale

I’ll put a +1 on our feature request for this. We’d love to extend the auto-text capabilities to pull more information out of a model viewport.



Here is a user +1. This would be most helpful. The use case is complicated by the fact that a page in Layout may have many scenes. Thus, it seems like the scene auto-text would have to be within the scene container on the layout page.

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That looks a great feature request, I was thinking how it could be implemented, maybe the default scrapbooks would be updated to work like the following way:

The group of the scrapbook tag will contain 2 labels, and when we add it to the sheet, we could edit this tag by double click on it to move the header of the label for the desired Sketchup Window:

But an issue may come if there is an overlapped Sketchup scenes above each others, then maybe this feature request will solve the issue, then we could type the Scene group name which contain all scenes that have been combined in a one group in layout, For Examples :

But if the user want to add it to a specific scene of the overlapped scenes, then we should have a way to cycle through overlapping objects by clicking “Tab” button for example when hovering the mouse above the overlapped objects, this will work in a similar way how Revit Works.

That would be also useful when adding dimensions for overlapped objects, currently Layout connect the dimensions with most heights point in SketchUp Window, so it will be great if the user could have a way to cycle through overlapping objects when he add dimensions.

Just some thoughts.

Mousa Abu Doush