Auto-text for Scale

Unless I’ve missed a button somewhere along the line there is no auto-text feature for the scale of a drawing. This would be a very handy feature for drawing output.



Hi Brendan-

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve done a +1 for this in our feature request list.


Displaying the scene name would also be useful, together with the scale it would give a proper view title.



+1, please.

Related to 28393 because of the reference to scene name as an auto-text and because of the use-case complexity that arises when there is more than one scene on a layout page.

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same here

I would love this feature, would make for a nice time saver

This would still be a great feature to have! Even better if it could be linked to a specific viewport.

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:+1: auto-text for scale is a great idea!

Actually, I think the auto-text for SCALE should apply to the current page.