Create category in tags

Hi, guys. I am using sketchup 2020 is it possible to create category (folder) for tags? Or all of them will stay in the same place. Thanks

Are you asking about being able to put tags together in some organized way? Currently the only way to do it would be by your naming convention. This sort of thing has been requested in the past and there have been some attempts at extensions that can help. I find a logical naming convention to be the easiest to deal with.

It is a ‘flat’ list, you can sort by name, but also by color or dashes.

Wow, that’s mean it’s so outdated. Layers is handy thing but i can’t imagine how to sort so many layers nicely.

Why do you need so much layers?
Of the record, they’re now called tags.
If you want to control visibility per Object, use outliner, and ‘group’ there.
The Layers/Tags are a residu of the way it was organized in the beginnings of modeling software, until the shift towards a more constructible method was introduced (Revit doesn’t really need Layers , for instance)

This is how I am used to use layers in photoshop.

Lets say If I am creating 3 bedroom flat model I could create group of layers something like that:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3

And include and sort all specific layers in one group. Lets say 1st fix items, 2 fix items, furniture, etc…

So this feature would allow me to view model easily. Let’s say I want to see only bedroom 2. I could do it with only few clicks. Lets say I would like to see it without architraves/skirtings fitted, I could do it with few clicks.


Have you studied how SketchUp’s layers/tags differ from those in 2D apps such as photoshop? I’m not saying that a hierarchical system would be bad, only checking whether you want it for the right reasons.

Probably not. Just start using Sketchup and this is the first thing which I miss.

Then you should definitely start with the SketchUp fundamentals tutorials. SketchUp layers are not equivalent to layers in 2D apps and you are at risk of frustration and confusion until you understand them! That’s why they were renamed “tags” in 2020.

Don’t know if it works with SU2020, but I used to use this extension:

Even though it may not technically be necessary to have such a function, the ability to greatly shorten the visible list of tags certainly has its uses in releasing screen real estate. It has been requested many times, together with a similar thing for scenes (although recent improvements to Layout has greatly reduced the number of scenes needed in Sketchup).

Not quite sure why the video compares Layers Organizer to Outliner at the start (rather than the Layers/Tags panel), unless it is to indicate that Sketchup does already have the ability to group and collapse lists.