Can we maintain the name "Tags" in both Sketchup & Layout?


It’s confusing to call ‘layers’ as ‘tags’ in Sketchup. And then keep the name as ‘layers’ in Layout.

I think it makes more sense to keep the same name for both Sketchup & Layout, so that they feel more consistent.

In layout, Tags are different to Layers, which was one of the reasons for the name change.


There is both a Layers Window and a Tags Window in Layout, they do very different things.

The Layers window controls the 2D layers of things shown on the page and their display order.

The Tags window controls the visibility of collections of objects in the SketchUp model. There are no layers in SketchUp because there is no stacking order, because it’s 3D.

Even when they had the same name they have never been related.


Thanks endlessfix!

I mostly teach rendering with Vray for Sketchup. But I’d like to master Sketchup as well in all its aspects.
I was confused since Sketchup had layers in the previous versions and then changed the name to tags. So I assumed it had the same functionality.


I regularly see cases of confusion since the name of layers is changed to “tag” and I don’t even talk about translating “tag” in localized versions. In addition, the use of the term “layer” is common in other 3D or CAD software.

Yes, but layers in many graphic programs refers to the graphic hierarchy of placement. That’s not what tags do so the name change makes sense.


The name change in 2019, about 17 years after the first version! It’s significant, so for 17 years it made sense…

Layers in many graphic programs refers to visibility of items.

In SketchUp, whether it’s called “tags” or “layers”, there’s a right way to work with it, and a wrong way to work with it. It would have been better to think about it

SketchUp is not a graphics program. Whatever it is, it is nearer to 3D CAD.


Graphic hierarchy placement results in controlling visibility….what’s on top like photoshop.

The question at hand has nothing to do with the past.

When LO was given the ability to control the previously called layer feature of SU, it would have been confusing since LO had and used Layers in the proper sense.

Apparently due to both LO layers and SU layers being different there were many users getting confused.

Remember this forum represents a tiny segment of the user base.

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Exactly my point.

hierarchy is more of a group/component concept for me

Today, some users as beginners are confused. I have never met, especially among the people I trained, someone who was confused by the name “layer”. The only difficulties were the method of use, but as I showed them, there were none

I confirm…

Layers…think onion.

The confusion comes about, from industry standards of what layers mean…again, onion.

Glad we at least agree on the user base vs. this forum. Maybe you can finally acknowledge there are more than 250k paid users?

In fact we do not care a bit. If there are millions of users, there are therefore very significant resources that users have not benefited from, with software that has changed very little in 10 years.

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