Layers in SKetchup

i have created a model in Sketchup Pro and have discovered (much too late) that LAYERS are only available in LAYOUT. Is there a way to access my SKETCHUP SKP from LAYOUT or is there a way to mimic the LAYERS function. I have created a layout of a condo suite and am working on the Bedroom. I would like to be able to show how various beds (queen, double, King) would appear in the room. Layers would have been ideal. Is there a way to do this in SKETCHUP PRO 2021… Thank-you

SketchUp Pro has (and has long had) its own system of layers. What may be confusing you is that as of 2020 they were renamed “tags” to avoid confusion with the Layers in LayOut. Other than the name change, tags are the same as the things formerly known as layers.

The tags/layers in SketchUp have long been a source of issues because they don’t do what people coming from 2D apps expect. In particular, they don’t isolate edges and faces from interacting with each other, regardless of whether the tags are currently set non-visible. They also don’t provide a notion of “in front of” or “on top of” the way layers do in 2D. For these reasons, the expert advice is never to add a tag to an edge or face, only use them on groups or components.

For what you want, create separate groups or components for the alternatives, apply a distinct tag to each, and control visibility by which tags are visible.

Layout’s layers, on the other hand, do what you expect in 2D.

Thank-you for your detailed and quick response. I have found tags in the entity information. Two quick questions. Can I change the name of the tag… I only see a list of choices. Secondly, where is the control to show or hide specific tags.
Thank-you again

Check out the Tag window for full control of Tags

Excellent …thank-you again