Noob question about tags

I’m drawing a 2D landscape design and all of my layers are flat. The trouble is that some of them, when colored in are interfering with each other. I know I could move things up or extrude them an inch or so but I have so many elements now it would be very time-consuming. Is there a simple way to make an entire layer stay on the “bottom” and everything else obscures it? I’m using SUPro 2020. Found an older article from when tags were called layers that says you can just drag the layer from the menu up or down to order them, and the list will dictate a priority where any layer will obscure any layer that’s below it in the list. I’m trying that now and I can’t drag a tag name in the list, it just highlights the name and every other one I scroll across when trying to drag.

No, the names or order of tags in SketchUp have no effect on the visibility priority of objects. That is a 2D concept that doesn’t make sense in a pure 3D modeler such as SketchUp. Your sort of confusion is one of the main reasons the name was changed from “layers” to “tags” in SketchUp 2020 - they simply don’t do what people accustomed to 2D drawing apps expect.

Since you have Pro, you should try LayOut to accomplish what you want. Because it is a 2D application, it has layers that work the way you are looking for,

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Save yourself hours of frustration and view these tutorials before modeling further.


Layers (now called Tags)

You need to group elements separate from one another prior to ‘extruding’ them into 3D. Watch our lesson (I’d recommend watching the entire course) on a quick way to color, group, and tag (formerly layers) different elements from one another.