Sketchup update v21.1.299 - tags bug

Hi All,

Tags aren’t working properly when Rendering to Podium or Twinmotion.

Tags ‘group off’, isn’t sufficient to hide visibility of Tags. Tags have to be turned off individually or they show up in Renders. This is reminiscent of the Section Fill bug of 2021 initial release. In that case, Groups also did not have an influence, which makes them pointless. This leads me to the conclusion that this release is a backward step.

I think I’m too quick to upgrade to current release. It’s bad for business at my end.



I don’t know the extensions above, but I have some knowledge about general Ruby coding.
So, I would rather say that the compatibility bugs are in these extension.

Visibility of the drawing elements are depends so many things, e.g. its own visibility, the visibility of the tag assigned to it…etc.
In the new 2021 version they implemented a new parent assignment ( a tag folder ).

If you check off the Tag Folder visibility on the UI, you can see that the visibility of children Tags (and Tag Folders) are not switched off but greyed out.
I assume these plugins still relying on the Tag visibility and does not consider the parents. I guess the extension developers needs to implement this new “visibility bit” to be able to properly get the actual visibility.

Until that, unfortunately you have turn the Tag visibility manually - as before 2021… :blush:

I would suggest to report it to the Podium and Twinmotion.

It may be the case. But it did happen within Sketchup on first release. The section fill would only turn off in the same circumstance. It was identified as a bug and fixed.

Tags/layers was a huge step forward for me in being able to run projects effectively. I couldn’t really move forward without them and it was a sigh of relief when it was finally implemented. So backward steps are not a small thing as I weigh up how to do my work more efficiently. Every 12 months or so I need to re-evalaute. Am I on the right platform? Because these things can mean spending adequate time with my child today, or not.

Of course, a bug in SU cannot be ruled out… :blush:

Anyway, I think you better tell the developers of Podium and Twinmotion. They are independent of Sketchup .

Indeed. I’m half way there :slight_smile:

They will take time to catch up after a release.

I need to show some restraint with further releases. It’s often hard to weigh up what the benefits will be. If I’m not experiencing the bugs in the release notes, I think I’ll hold off in future.

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