Sketchup plugins


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share with you a collection of SketchUp plugins I use in my work. I sure you know all of these cry well, but I thought it will save some time for people who just starting out. Because there are dozens of plugins you can spent quite some time choosing the right ones.

Anyway here is link to a list:

There is also a good video describing some of the plugins by Daniel Tal on 3D Basecamp 2014:;list=PL-bndkJaV8A5pV_wb4kSy5tZTdII2OqXt%26amp;index=4

Hopefully it will be helpful.


Nice collection, thanks for sharing it.


Thanks Cotty,

I spent quite some time to choose these and now use them on a daily basis.
Probably will do a video explaining some of the plugins at some point.



Thanks for sharing @artpen. Very helpful!


You are welcome.