New to Sketchup Looking for Suggestions



I have been away from the 3d modeling scene for some time now. I used to work with 3D studio max, and really love that program but have since lost that copy a few moves and pc upgrades ago, and that is outside of my budget. I decided to give this a go and see how I like it. So far its not too shabby. I have to get used to things like not trying to hold space to pan the view. (found shift+Mouse3 works wonders).

I am looking for some recommendations on the following:

Must have Extensions:
Best Freeware rendering:
Best Sources for learning materials (looking for more intermediate level stuff):

A fair amount of resources I have found seem refer to outdated extensions or rendering software or the posts themselves are from a couple years back. I am not doing any real architecture things or layouts. Just some modeling of sci-fi ships for fun, or maybe a project that the wife wants me to do around the house, like repurposing something into a new functional piece and sketching up a design to get an idea how it would look, Even something like modeling a potting station for her, to see if she likes it. That is the sort of thing I would like to use this software for.

I have a pretty good feel for the program after just a couple of days on it. The hard part is remember the shortcut commands are different for this than Max.

Any help or input would be appreciated.




I just watched a video which focused on ‘Must Have Extensions’ – which came from the last SketchUp 3-D Basecamp 2014 event. see:

There’s a great deal of other topics covered as well, so grab some snacks, there’s a lot to watch.


You’ll find plenty of resources here: SketchUp Sage Site


You can use the Quick Reference Card for this until you can remember them…



Thanks for the replies everyone That helps out big time :slight_smile: and that reference guide may just prevent and further hair loss lol.

Thanks again!