[WIP; by request] Image Glue to

Continuing the discussion from Strange image behaviours in SketchUp:

@MSTWAM Discovered a new behaviour (bug) in SU 2023:
When you initially import a raster as an image object into SketchUp and place it on a Face, SketchUp automatically adds the “glue” property to the image.
The versions before 2023 can glue image to Group, Componentinstance, or to other Image, but the current (latest) v2023 that ability are no longer works.

Therefor one of the characteristics of the “glue” property is that the image take visual precedence over the surface even though they share the same plane no longer works as before.

This “quick&dirty” created Tool give you an ability to (re) glue the image to Group, Componentinstance, or to other Image, also to a Face.
Dezmo_glue_image_to.rbz (1.5 KB)
SketchUp 2021.1 or newer required (tested only in SU2023)

After a regular installation - by Extension Manager- of the .rbz file you will get a submenu “Dezmo Glue Image to” in Extension menu.

When the Tool is activated by selecting the above mentioned menu:

  • First you need to select the image what you want to glue
  • Second you need to select the Group, Componentinstance, or to other Image, also can be a Face where to want the previously selected image to glue.

Then you redirected back to first step. You can exit by selection an other Tool (as usual).
Hit ESC button also go back to first step (deselect the image so you can select other)
You will have some “visual assistance”.

As usual: However I did as much as I can to make work this plugin properly, No warranties! Install and Use at your own risk!



Well done.
The image glue_to methods were introduced in v2021.
The colored temp bounds get a bit confused sometimes if the image has been rotated etc, but it’s easily trapped.
You can even glue an image onto another image !
I’d also add a view.refresh into the operation block so the changes are seen immediately, without a mouse move etc…
But very well done, so far…