Placing an image on a surface

I want to place an image on a surface but when I make a texture it just tiles it. I can’t find any option to just place it once. How do I do this? I want to place an image on a model of an iPad I made.

When importing an image into SketchUp you’ll have two options in the import window:

  • as texture (as you have now)
  • as image. This is the one you should tick before importing.

If you place an image on an existing face it will also be glued to that face.

Draw a rectangle to define the limits of the image.

As of the latest update, I am no longer seeing images “glue” to a surface of a group or component. Now any image I place immediately disappears into the surface.

Only when I move the image forward does it become visible, but it now casts a shadow in renderings.

Previously any images I placed as images would stick to the surface of my group or component and glue on like a sticker. Totally visible.

Please advise as I truly do use this feature a lot and have for many years. It’s a major setback. Thanks.

If your imported image is disappearing into the surface…then don’t place it on the surface. Import it to the side…perhaps inferencing off a corner endpoint to get it the same height. Then size it, raise it a few inches further, explode it, then sample it and project down into the prepared limits that Dave mentioned.

I would totally do that it in a last resort. Thing is, none of that was necessary the last 15 years until now. It always stuck to the surface as a placed image, as expected, without requiring any trickery.

Dave didn’t suggest projecting the image, he suggested outline a space for it. I can do that too if necessary, but honestly I would just like the old and expected behavior to be restored.

It sounds like a bug report might be called for.

Some workaround at the end of the post (linked topic)

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