Trying to raise an image

New to SketchUp and trying to find a tutorial. I am attempting to take a 2D image, apply it to the face of a rectangle, and then raise the image. I attached a picture of what I’m trying to do. The unicorn is the image that I imported, and then want to have it a few mm higher than the rest of the face that it is attached to. Again, I am a complete rookie/newb, so forgive my total lack of technical terms. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Add multiple images

Something like this?

  1. Draw a plane
  2. Import a unique-horn image as a texture
  3. Trace the image with lines, curves, whatever suits you
  4. Remove unnecessary parts
  5. Push-pull as desired
  6. Congratulations, you’ve created a unique 3D horn from a 2D image!
  7. Convert the 3d model into a group or component for future use

I’m sure you can make it even better than i did in this quickly put together video :wink:

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Yes!! Thank you! When I get the image imported as a texture, how do I make it only one vs a grid of several of them?

You have two options to resize your texture.

First option, resize during import:
When you import the image, first click once to set the basepoint, then drag the texture untill it suits you and click again:
suf resize texture first

Second option, resize after import:
When you double click to place your texture, it remains its original size (if i am right), then after placement you can rightclick > texture > position, to change the basepoint, rotate and resize the texture.
suf resize texture second

update: third option?
Not my favaorite, but you can also change the size from within the material browser by editting the image size.
suf resize texture third

Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure this out for two weeks​:joy::joy:

Could be wise to watch some sketchup videos on the tube.

Open their playlist section and start with “square one” (with ‘only’ 78 videos :wink: )

Yeah I have watched a ton of YouTube videos. My main issue is just learning all the technical terms. So when I try to delete the unnecessary stuff as in your video, it also deletes the solid infill inside the tracing. Does that mean I have a gap in the tracing somewhere?

It may indeed be a hole somewhere, I only know of a “manual solution” for the browser version. :thinking:
First set the style to “HiddenLines” so you can see the lines more clearly. Then click on the “outline” three times to see if you have multiple holes. You can then easily find and close it.
If there is only one hole it may be more difficult to find it, but for this project it should be possible.

suf check closed lines