Importing a graphic for material usage

I have been able to successfully import a 2d graphic to place on an object. However, I am having trouble centering the image (“material”) on the object.

Does anyone know how this can be done?


If you’ve already applied the texture, you can edit the position of the texture. The following video shows how to use the texture editor to re-position and re-size the texture. Note that the order of dragging the pins is important. Start with the red one to anchor the corner of the texture. Then use the green pin to rotate and align the base. Use the blue pin next to scale the texture. And finally (not needed in the case of a rectangular image), use the yellow pin to skew the texture (if it was not rectangular).

You can also import the texture as an image, position it over the face to be painted, re-size as needed, and then explode and select the image. In this case, the image can next be moved over another face, re-sized again, sampled and painted. Sometimes this is easier, sometimes not.