Reposition imported 2D graphic

Hi, I’m Skip.
I’m a very new SketchUp user trying to layout a trade show booth.
I’ve imported a 2D graphic, but it’s not exactly where I want it to be on the face and I don’t want it to tile.
Is there a way to reposition a 2D graphic on the face it rests on?

Thanks for any help given.

If the image file has been imported as a ‘Texture’ used in a Material and it is applied onto a Face [as opposed to onto a Group/Component] then Select the Face and use the context-menu Texture > Position etc…

BUT… if you import the image file as an ‘Image’ [an alternative radio-button Option in the Import-dialog] then afterwards you can select it and then resize it using the green-handles and drag it to position it [even unglue it from a surface it’s glued onto and Rotate it in 3d].

I expect that second option is what you need.

Thanks so much, TIG,
Exactly what I needed!!

SketchUp Community rocks!!