Strange image behaviours in SketchUp

One of the characteristics of the “glue” property is that the image take visual precedence over the surface even though they share the same plane.

When you initially import a raster as an image object into SketchUp and place it on a Face, SketchUp automatically adds the “glue” property to the image.
I can confirm: The versions before 2023 can glue it to Group, Componentinstance, or to other Image, but the current (latest) v23.1.340 on Windows that ability are no longer works. And the insertion point of image is jumping to the image center, instead stays on the lover left corner when you release the image. So, for sure something has been changed (bugged) at 2023. :blush:

Workaround 1: The “glue” property can be achieved by going to the editing context of Group or Component containing the face and place it to face.

Workaround 2: A small code snippets or Extension can be written to glue Image to Face, to Group, to Componentinstance, or to other Image.

Solution: In the hand of Sketchup dev team. :wink: @TheOnlyAaron

(Note: The copy paste image to other place does not initiate the addition of “glue” property in any case. You need to import again, or drag’an’drop from File explorer.)

V 2021

V 2023