Imported image on face disappears (2024)

I tried to switch options (switch to classing engine, texture size…) the problem persists.
macOS Sonoma, Mac mini M2

  1. fix your profile please, sketchup for school is the online version for kid. you’re using sketchup pro with a student discount ? then it’s sketchup pro :slight_smile: Web and pro have quite different capacities, and as one accepts extensions and not the other, you can get, at times, different answers.

  2. looks like Z-fighting, when two faces are on the same location, they both want to be on top.

couls you share this file (just the cube + photo) so we can check on different machines / versions and see if it’s SU24, Sonoma, mac os, or just sketchup in general that is acting up ?

By going to the editing context of Group or Component containing the face and place image to face, you can achieve to stay image visible.

This behaviour has been reported in previous SketchUp version… seems to be still an issue. :frowning: