Keeping an imported image visible along 3d shapes without problems



Hi all… I have imported an image, a scan of the side an object that I want to replicate. Of course, being an plain 2D object, it disappears when I see it from its side in parallel projection as it doesn’t have volume.

left view in parallel projection:

Front view. The pic is located where the guide at the bottom ends:

It also disappears when I move it so that it coincides with one of the sides of a parallelogram… Is there any way I can give volume to it so that I prevented these (and other) problems?


Explode it and make it a component with Always Face Camera selected. make sure when you create the component you are looking straight at the image.


Many thanks @DaveR for your super-fast response. I’ve tried making it a component (it turns green and the pic disappears):

And then when I click on creat it collapses into a line:

What do you mean by “looking straight”? Maybe the problem lies in not doing so…

EDIT: thought you could mean that the pic is facing the screen. Then it didn’t disappear but still just a green rectangle…

EDIT2 It seems what made it collapse into a line was that “Replace selection with component” was checked.


Oh got it!
(I tried to give feedback fast but I could have think about this a little bit more)

The green color was due to the “displaying by color of layer” instead of by material… Now I can just pull/push the pic and it gets volume… Many thanks!!!


PS I didn’t notice that clicking on “Always face camera” made any difference in behaviour, so I unclicked it as I did want it to rotate the same other figures rotate. Actually clicking it didn’t make it always facing the same point, indeed I didn’t notice any change of behaviour. I’d just like to rest assured I didn’t do something that could create problems later… Does it?


Mmm, it wasn’t only the layers that made the pic to be replaced by a color. Actually, once the pic is exploded, it won’t ever show up unless Face Style / Shaded with Textures is selected…
Isn’t there a way to keep the pic with some volume and still being able to see the picture in the rest of Face Style modes?

[PS am I supposed to create a new question for this?]


How about uploading the SKP file so we can have a look?


That’t be great. I have simplified the file removing almost everything but what we were talking about so that you can focus on the problem (which remains the same)… (2.5 MB)


Does this work for you? (1015.8 KB)


Mmm, the one you have created can’t be seen either as a pic when in any face style mode other than “… with textures”. So I can’t see the pic in wireframe, hidden line, or shaded Face Style mode. If I don’t explode the imported pics, I can always see the pic content regardless of the mode…

Maybe is not possible to handle the pics properly for what I want…

Indeed I created the volume thinking this way I could have the drawn diagrams and the pic working on the same plane, but it doesn’t work either: if I put them in the same plane, the drawing would start doing some weird things as here:

In wireframe Face Style mode this is not a problem, as is the colored area, not the borders, that create the problem. But then the pic content disappears…

And if I use the original pic as such, without the volume and all the modifications, then the ones that disappear are some borders… See the xRay here:

and what it shows up in shaded Face Style mode (two borders disappear):

Let me know again if you prefer a file or anything…


Set the camera to Perspective. Does that help?

What is it you actually want with this image? How are you trying to use it in the model?


Oh, the problem behind what I displayed in the last two pics was really a problem of the two disappeared lines not being in the same plane… ! I guess then I might have alignment problems elsewhere…


I had been working with perspective and didn’t detect anything, but I just orbited around now and the problem was very evident.
I need to use the image basically to compare what is been done before with new slightly modified models I’m designing in Sketchup…


@DaveR, But let me review it all again… I might have found something, thanks largely to your help, but I don’t want to make you lose more time if there’s a chance I could solve it… I’ll report back in a few minutes… Thanks!


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