Imported images inconsistent appearance

Morning all,

In the absence of settling on a rendering program, I’m currently making do with just importing images of appliances on to ‘cubes’ the appt. size for ovens/hobs/etc etc. It’s a bit crude, but it conveys the necessary info!

Currently I draw a box the appt size, make it a group, then place the picture on the cube, then make the picture and the cube a group.

When panning/zooming etc the image occasionally disappears, or becomes partially invisible, why is this? How can I cure it?

Thanks in advance!


It sounds like you’re placing an image in the same plane as a face of the cube, causing what’s known as z-fighting.

You’d be better off applying the image as a texture to a face of the cube instead of as an image sharing the same space as the cube’s face.

If you share your skp file someone will help. If you don’t want to share your secret designs just make a skp file with one cube with the image applied.

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Thanks! That makes sense!

or delete the face of the cube where you have the image plane placed. But as Gordon suggests, having it as a texture would also make it easier to apply that same texture to other surfaces if needed.

sounds like more work than modeling the appliance and saving it for repetitive use…or downloading whole collections of appliances etc.

I’m curious. What does choosing a rendering program have to do with the way you are creating your appliance components? I don’t see why they are related.

Have you looked at the 3D Warehouse for kitchen appliances? There are loads of them to choose from and they’ll look better than your images on boxes. Do import them into separate files and spend a few minutes looking them over to see if they can be cleaned up but once you’ve done that, save them for future use.

I suppose I feel that chasing a greater degree of realism than a suitably sized box provides is daft unless you are going all out with the likes of Vray.

Obviously ‘my part’ of a job (i.e. the cabinetry) I spend time ensuring things are accurately represented, but when it comes to filling appliance voids, I only need a nod to what is going where.

Granted, the 3d warehouse is great… but my Mac seems to be suffering at the moment with models of even vague complexity.

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