I can't project the logo image ontop of this surface

before iamge:


I want to project this local on this object (it’s a little bit curve)

I did import the logo at an “image” instead of “texture”

But I failed to do so. what should I do?

*****edit: new

okay, I think the problem my surface is not evenly connected. How could I connect the surface to make is smooth?

Right click on ‘Image’ > Explode (it will turn into a textured face)
Right click on the face with the texture > Texture > Projected


Learn the basics of SketchUp at https://learn.sketchup.com/

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thanks I got it now.

Should i “reply” thanks everytime there is a solution?

Cause the website suggest

“ony replace if Ihave additional details or the solution doesn’t work for you”

You’re welcome!
It’s up to you.
That message appears in threads that have a checked solution and you want to add a reply.