Yet another Scene Visibility plugin [by "request"]

Recently there was a request by @kevin58 :

However, more or less I solved that by offering my :eyes: MATRIX extension, but after I while I thought:

  1. Beside the :eyes: MATRIX, is full with features, the UI could be over-complicated for most of the daily usage… stripped down version can be useful.
  2. ‘Eneroth Scene Visibility’ really have a brilliantly simple UI, but lacks of some feature (see above).
  3. Most importantly: I started to watch with my friends the Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, and - since it is the 3rd time for me - I decided to take the mission too: Can I make the code during the film…?

You can already predict the result:

Scene Visibility, © Dezmo

Set Drawingelemnts visibility on all scenes: ComponentInstance, Group, Image (at all nested level); ConstructionLine, ConstructionPoint, Edge, Face, Dimension… (at root level).
SketchUp 2020.1 or later required.

Dezmo_scene_visibility.rbz (63.6 KB)

  • You will get 7 menu items as well as the corresponding toolbar. (You can resize the toolbar to horizontal… and there is a bug in SU2023, where the separators I created in Ruby is ignored.)

  • You need to create at least 2 scenes and select any or many Drawingelemnts then the first 4 menus/icons will be enabled.

  • I guess most of the functions are self explained by their description you see on a tool-tip and a status bar at the bottom, when you hover over your mouse cursor.
    The main feature is to set visiblities of selected items by one click on all scenes.

  • The 5th menu/icon is a toggle to enable or disable to set the visibility of locked group/component.

  • The 6th menu/icon will be enabled if at least one of the Scene Properties to save - which are relevant to this extension - namely Top-Level Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects is not set. In this case you can set it on all Scenes with one click. (You know, otherwise make no sense to change all Visibilities it if these are not stored… :wink: )

  • The last icon you can ignore, does not make obligation for you, especially make no obligation for me… :beers:


  • It wasn’t tested intensively enough, but should work. Use only at your own risk.
  • Tested only on Windows 11, mainly at SU2023, for 10 minutes in SU2020,2021,2022.
  • The Visibility and properties changes made by this extension does not recorded to Undo stack. The undo does not work for this properties. It is how SketchUp handling it. (Eneroth Scene Visibility does the same)
  • Sorry about the icons, that is what man can do within ~half an hour…

PS: The Part two of Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning will come… so you have a good chance to get a revision of this extension if you find a bug. :innocent:


Just spotted this very impressive looking post :smile:

Im knee deep in a drawing/installation task for a few days then I cannot wait to have a look at what you’ve done.

Be back soon :+1:

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Well - I’ve now had the chance to test drive your plugin and predictably, you have come up trumps once again. It is absolutely perfect for my workflow and I am really grateful to you.

I particularly appreciated seeing that last icon on the toolbar - thank you very much.

Cheers, Kevin :+1: :grinning:


You are truly generous! :money_mouth_face:
Thanks a lot!

If I’m in Bristol, it’ll be my turn! :beers: :beers:

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Hi @dezmo

I use your little plugin multiple times most days, but wonder if it would be possible to limit the menu options to just ‘Hide on all Scenes’ as that is the only one I use.

Obviously the last option is always welcome :grinning:

Dezmo Scene Visibility


Of course, I can do any possible(1) or impossible(2) thing - it’s just a matter of time and money - … but you have to wait for miracles(3). :innocent:

This task is in the category (1). (without the “second matter”…:wink: )

But first of all, I would like to point out that you can also assign a keyboard shortcut to the original Extension meus - to all or just that one you mention, so you can quickly access it without using menu or Toolbar…
You need to create at least 2 scenes and select any or many Drawing elements then the first 4 menus/icons will be enabled. Then you can assign a keyboard shortcut by: Windows>>Preferences|Shortcuts and add shortcut e.g. to ‘Hide on all Scenes’


If you still prefer the reduced menu, here are that version of plugin:

Dezmo_scene_visibility-2024_01_28_0915.rbz (63.7 KB)
You can install it without removing the original, but you must restart Sketchup to take affect!
(BTW: You can also reinstall the original one without removing this one too…)

You will have

  • only one menu item below Extensions (‘Hide on all Scenes’) so you still can assign a shortcut to it
  • You will have a second Toolbar containing only one command for above menu
  • You will still have the originally toolbar - just in case - but you can switch it on/off… to do not disturb you.
  • You will have context menu (right click on selected drawingelements)

Hide “original big” toolbar if you want:

Right click menu:

The “Notes” from the first post are still apply!


Sorry for the late reply but thats absolutely perfect thank you very much. I didn’t realise I could create a shortcut so I will do that in the morning as well as installing the new plugin. Your skills have really helped my workflow as I use your Scenes and Spacer Bar plugins constantly.

I will send a few beers across for you in the morning :+1::smile:


Kevin, I think Dezmo may need a new icon. Something like this? :^)

Screenshot 2024-01-28 173656




Yeah - something proportionate to his contributions.

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Once again:
You are truly generous! :money_mouth_face:
Thanks a lot!