Group Visibility in Scenes

Hi everybody

Does anybody know of an alternative extension to control a Group’s visibility on a Per Scene basis other than ‘Eneroth Scene Visibility’ which is absolutely brilliant by way :grinning: and I use it all the time.

The only feature it lacks is the ability to deselect all Scenes with a single click, so if I have say 100 Scenes and I add a new Group which I want to appear in just 1 scene, which is fairly common, I have to un-tick 99 boxes.

Just wondering if there is a plugin available which has this feature.

Alternatively - I notice Eneroth has written Source code available at GitHub on the extension warehouse page. If this means altering the plugin is considered acceptable and somebody is able to add this functionality I will obviously be happy to pay :+1:

If this is inappropriate in any way please disregard and accept my apologies.

Thanks, Kevin

Why don’t you ask @eneroth3 ?? Maybe she is willing to make this a new feature of her extension.


That was my first thought a couple of years back but I wasn’t successful :+1:

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I have an experimental extension: :eyes: MATRIX of my own - (development has been suspended for an indefinite period of time… :blush:). Perhaps you can use it for similar task.

Thanks Dezmo - that looks like a really neat Plugin :grinning:

As far as controlling Group visibility, it seems to have a similar function to the plugin I currently use where you have to turn on/off the ‘visibility of selected objects’ for each scene.

Name your price for a massively cut down version with one extra function :grinning: :+1:

It’s not about the price. IF I do it, it will be free, just like before all of my snippets, extensions…
Currently, I use Sketchup almost exclusively for hobby purposes. Life changes and it’s hard to spend as much time on my hobby as I would like.
This is not a promise, especially not for the deadline, but I will see what I can do…

Understood - and thank you.

BTW: You should carefully check the video on linked post above to see a features, for example:
You can right click on a component name and Hide/Show on all scenes: :wink:


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So it does :grinning:

Your plugin certainly has a ton of functionality :+1:

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