SketchUp 2020.2: How is line style control in LayOut working for you?

In today’s update, SketchUp 2020.2, you now have the ability to style model linework by tag in LayOut. Specifically, you can control the weight, color, and pattern of linework in your SketchUp model viewport.

We know that controlling the style of linework in LayOut projects is important. (There have been entire books devoted to viewport stacking!) With this step towards more robust line control, we hope you will be able to use fewer viewports in LayOut and efficiently produce drawings that look the way you want.

We think this is a step forward for LayOut, but we know there is more work to be done. We’d love to know if this line style control is working to help you make the drawings you want to make. Please share your impressions of this line style control in LayOut and, if possible, examples of the drawings and line work you are hoping to achieve.

Thank you – as always – for your feedback.


As indicated in another thread, so far so good.

On a current project I’ve implemented this new feature and it looks like I might be able to go from a stack of four viewports to just one!

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One thing I’m finding is it’s much easier to imply depth in viewports with different line weights. I like that.

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Do you have examples you could share so I can copy them… I mean… learn from them?


Will a screen shot do?

The parts of the model are assigned different tags. The back frame parts with one tag are assigned a thin line weight, The shelves and drawer a different weight, and the case parts a third weight.

Edit to add another example. Previously something like the lead came in the glass panel would require a lot of work to get it looking decently.

Now a couple of clicks and those lines are displayed thin and the smaller details are easier to read.


Thinking aloud…

For elevations I could have outbuildings on a separate tag and, as Dave said, can then control their line weight to give a greater sense of depth.


I’m still really working my head into tags vs layers, but this is a workflow that definitely clicks. I’d never put outbuildings on another layer, but I’d gladly assign an outbuildings tag.


“now a couple of clicks” just makes me want to have Dynamic Components in LayOut.



I do like the sound of these additional features.

BUT, the $64000 question for me is, has the actual performance of Layout been improved for Macs ie the very jumpy and slow zooming in and out? Has the work around of assigning a different Colour Profile been sorted, which helped a bit but has never really solved the problem? And, it’s a bugger if you have a Colour calibrated screen but can not use that Profile because Layout slows to a drunk snails pace.

It doesn’t say anything about this performance issue in the Release Notes.


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Mike, you should go ahead and install it and see if you see any improvement.

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Yeah, I will do. Just have nagging suspicion I’m going to be disappointed :disappointed:


Having some problems…

So the first LO file that I experimented with worked fine - I can override colour, dashes and line weight.

Two other files this morning I can only override the colour.

If I copy and paste a viewport from the file that is working in all aspects of the overrides to the file that is not, the copied viewport works but the not the file’s own viewports

Are dashes disabled in the style for the viewport?

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I’m reminded of coding.

Something is not working and you spend much time trying to solve the problem only to find it’s a typo or a comma is missing or some other such innocuous thing


It happens to all of us, I guess.

Well, there’s something useful for us in that too! It would probably be smart for us to help people side-step that hitch.


Blokhut.layout (5,0 MB) Blokhut.pdf (7,7 MB)

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I’m not getting any Edge Width drop down on my layout file?
What am I doing wrong here?

I just have:
Line Scale
Cancel Ok

Even when I download Mike’s layout file above I don’t have the edge width drop down.

Is this restricted to subscription?

I get the same in Windows 10, Mac is ok. Also, did you see that the color doesn’t work either?

Earth to @Adam