SketchUp 2020.2: How is line style control in LayOut working for you?

I tried removing every LayOut preference file. That got the color going ok, but still no edge width setting.

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Oh ok, so is it a bug for the Win10 version?
Yeah I did the same, reset, reinstall etc.
No luck.

The color only works if you have the colors pallet on the same tray, which is obviously annoying.
The color pallet system needs to be reworked. It should pop up when a color selection button is clicked in the stroke style rather than being confined to a single tray.

Right, deleting preferences got the trays back together, then I saw the color options appear.

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Obviously I would like this to be fixed!
I was quite excited for the line weight.
Does the line weight include section cuts yet?
If not this needs to be included asap.

That’s great news!, I moved from Revit to Layout a few years ago and I’ve been waiting for something like this to come, to reduce the stacking.
Now just waiting to be able to use it, I’m having the same issues as @benoldays with the “edge width” on Windows. All works :sweat_smile:.

The color does work even on different trays for me. sample clip

Yeah I was so excited to play with it.
I see that the color change works if you have multiple trays open at once.
I only have one tray open at a time, so it seems that changing to a different tray is the problem.

It’s the first drop down box to the right of Line Scale. A difference in the UI between Mac and Windows. It still works though.

Screenshot - 8_12_2020 , 3_03_06 AM


My colour control is on another tray.

If I click on colour in the new tags control in the model tray it opens the tray that contains colour control if it is closed.

I’m on windows

In LayOut on Windows, anyway, Color settings for any entities are managed in the Colors panel.

So far, everything seems to be working on a Mac.

I’ve noticed that changing a line setting only affects the viewport itself. So it’s different from applying dashes to a tag in SU. It gives yet more control.

Hi, section cut seems not to be affected by line weight or am I not setting things up right ?
Or is it only for 2D ?

I noticed this too

Thx, but I can’t differentiate doors from walls even with 1 for section cut

yes also saw this problem… Following this thread

I can see that problem.

Do you use “2D objects” in you SU models?

For each window and door I create a 2D representation, group it and tag it “2D Object”. The actual window or door is tagged “3D Object”.

In LO you turn off the 3D Object tag and turn on the 2D Object tag…

Thank you for your feedback.
I either do 2D plans and for them, no problem getting what I want in terms of line weight.
Or I do 3D models, in wich I cut with section cuts, and would like to differentiate bearing walls from partition walls or doors and other elements.

In previous version I turned section cut line to 1 and drew on top of the viewport in LO with the line type I wanted. Which is time consuming.

I reckon that this new feature isn’t applying to cut 3D, is it?

It was a disappointment when I discovered this but the 2D Object workflow works ok for me

At least it’ll improve 2D drafting…

This is super useful.

  1. Would be great to have a profile line weight control too.
    (helps have a thicker line surround all object)

  2. Also is there finally a way to set a texture for cut-throughs - ex dashes - rather than just plain color (black, gray etc) ?


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Not natively. You can use Section Cut Face to create actual faces that can be textured. They can also be textured differently.