Line Weight Control via Sketchup Layers

I was thinking about the best way to implement effective lightweight control between sketchup and layout and think that a fairly simple method could be achieved by allowing Layout to assign different line weights to different layers via different styles.This same idea has been suggested before here using the Outliner tool however I think a layer based workflow would be more user friendly.

Workflow example,

-Simple sketchup model with two objects on two layers.
-Two scenes in the model and a different Style for each.
-In layout you create a view port for each of the 2 scenes and its associated style.
-Instead of assigning a global line weight to the view port you click a button to open a layers panel that allows you to input the line weight modifier per layer (eg select multiple or single layers, input 0.20 pts for cut lines and 0.1 pts for profiles etc.). This information is then saved to the style so multiple view ports can use the same style/line weight combination.

This assigning of line weight modifier should be saved in such a way so that line weights can be set via Layout templates (if I use the same style and layers in different models, layout should recognise this and set the layer line weights to the saved values).

This would allow us to quickly create and assign different styles to different view ports at different scales and having the line weights of different elements adjust accordingly

This would eliminate the annoying multiple scenes and stacked view ports that are required to get the drawings looking acceptable from a line weight perspective.

I’m sure there are many different hurdles to implementing something like this, and i’m sure there are different ways of doing this, however I think this would work into most of the architecture type workflows that I have come across.

What are other ideas that could automate/make better the line weight process?

An idea that could be better for this would be to have a dedicated lifestyle manager that worked with sketchup and layout. Line weights, line colors and line styles.

In Sketchup you would probably assign lifestyle 1 to object 1 and in layout you could modify/override style 1.

Multiple objects could have different styles and the override of each style would be viewport dependent.

The difference is that layers organize multiple objects at once and you might want to assign different styles to multiple objects in the same layer.