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In architecture we have to use diferent line-weights to show correctly our draws. In SketchUp in the styles window we can define something similar: thick of lines, edges, section… and this really help to show our model better… but that information is lost when we insert the model in Layout. ALL the lines in the model have the same line-weight. I use the same style that I use in sketchup and doesn’t work

¿Is it possible to view the line-weight like in sketchup?


If you save the various edge settings etc as a Style, and then save the required view to a Scene tab using that Style, then when you link that Scene tab into a viewport in an associated Layout file, you should see the Style replicated in the Layout viewport ?
You can also over-draw with Layout edges to exaggerate particular edges, and of course use areas in Layout to mask parts of your view.
You can also copy/paste edges from SKP to Layout and then modify their color/thickness etc…

Look up Nick Sonder’s movies on YouTube - where he gives a tour de force demonstration of how he does this…


You have to use a style in sketchup that has different widths set for edges and profiles. Then, in layout, the line width you set in the skethup model tray will appy to the edges, and the width of profiles will appear as multiples of the base width.


in Layout you can also stack view(port)s, thus differing layers (thus requiring some model organisation) and do assignments to layers / view(port)s


Thanks Everyone, I think the problem is that I don’t use LayOut very well.

TIG, my problem is that I cann see the insert window like Sketchup. But when I export (PDF, JPG…) I see all the lines with the same thick

ANSSI, I have to “play” with that information! maybe this is the way

Julian. Really I was looking for something “easy” and automatic. SketchUp works well and I want to replicate the view in SketchUp inside Layout without too much work!


Here are a couple of points that might have been missed.

  1. Make sure you’ve updated the style and the scene in SketchUp to ensure the heavy profile edges are displayed.

  2. If you make the change to the style after you’ve got the viewport for the scene in LayOut, update the reference after saving the change in SketchUp. Make sure the scene for the viewport does not show as modified.

  3. Depending on the screen resolution and the selected weight of the profiles in the style, the profile edges might not appear heavier than the non-profile edges. Zoom in, though, and you’ll see the weight difference. The weight difference will show in a printed PDF anyway. If the paper size is larger than your display, you’ll see that the line weight difference isn’t as apparent when you are looking at the whole sheet on the screen. It’s not that the profiles are made thinner, but rather the non-profiles are made thicker so they’ll show. Zoom in to make the difference in weight visible.

  4. You can make a further adjustment to the Line Weight in LO under the Styles tab in the SketchUp Model inspector window. This is a multiplier for the line weight of all lines in the viewport. You can adjust that as needed.


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