Can I draw lines with different line weights in SketchUp?



can i draw lines with different line weights in sketch up? or after i have drawn a 2d model, how can i change the line weights?


Basically, no. Lines are called edges in SketchUp and they are basically 1 screen pixel wide. In you style settings you can set the width of profiles (edges that are unconnected or connected to only one visible face) separately, as well as the profile created by a section cut. Usually these are relevant only to a 3D model, but can be used for 2D things too, by clever thinking

In the screenshot below, I set the width of profiles to 4, and section cut edges to 8



thank u Anssi, that was helpful.


by using the external ‘Layout’ of the SU Pro version… or a 2D CAD system.


At the risk of teaching wrong principles, here is an example of a 2D “plan”:

The idea is to use a large face as a “drawing surface”. The thin lines are edges of small faces that cut into it. The “walls” display profile outlines when I select the fades they are made of and group them.



You can use colour rather than weights or styles for various objects: simply fill a group (/component) with a colour and use the drop down option under styles (edit edges) to colour: by material.


Thank you!
That was helpful


can i use two different colours to two different lines? because when i give , for ex: red colour to one of the line. even the previous line which i gave a blue colour, turning to red.


Different groups - different colours

(all surfaces are filled with “default” - it’s only the group that is filled)


One possibility is to use thin rectangles as lines. These can of course be adjusted for width, length, color.


TIG’s 2D Tools does this.


A bit of an old thread, but in 2018 SketchUp introduced section fill colors, and the ability to place nested sections within groups which gives some options. Theoretically, sections should give thicker line weights for exterior walls, and thinner lines for edges.

Check out ConDoc tools for methods on CD sets and also Skalp which creates dynamic hatching within SketchUp. Both are great.