Changing/Adjusting... line weights

I adjusted the line weights of my floor plan using Styles/Edge/Edge settings as described in Sketch-up, which worked, well almost… not all lines changed, and re-drawing over them does not change them… how to solve… I want all the walls slightly heavier than everything else… Thanks !!! in advance…

The only “line weight” control in SketchUp has to do with Profile edges, those edges that surround objects in the model space. There is no line weight control for normal edges in SketchUp. There is lineweight control by tag in layOut.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? SketchUp Pro 2024 hasn’t been released yet.

Sketch-up was purchased last month, so I presume 2023/latest version…

Yes. It would be SketchUp 2023. Please correct your forum profile.

there does not seem to be a way to edit my profile, or nothing obvious… I can highlight it, but cannot change or delete…

Click on the S in the green circle at the top right corner of the forum window. Then the person icon, Preferences, and Profile. After correcting your forum profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and save the changes.

Done… Thanks !!!

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As I make my floor plans out of 3D models I have no problems with line weights. I set the width of my Profile Edges to 2 and Section Cut Edges to 4. So lines that divide a surface get to be thin, lines that denote an edge in space or an item of furniture are medium and as walls are cut by a section plane, they get to be the thickest. This conforms to our local standard, too.