Layout Lineweights

I’m somewhat new to Layout but like what I see so far except I don’t understand how I can control line weights. I must be missing something.

I can either retrace each line with the proper line weight
or I can make basically layers of saved info and set that line weight.

Is there another way? These 2 ways are extremely inefficient.

Are you referring to line weights shown in SketchUp viewports? If so, you can set one line weight multiplier per viewport. That is set using the Line Scale setting. Edges in SketchUp can be normal edges or Profile edges and Profile edges can be set heavier than normal edges so you can effectively get two line weights per viewport. If you need more choices, you can stack viewports and use different Line Scales for each. You can also explode a viewport after Vector rendering it to get LayOut drawing entities. You can then set the weight of those lines in the Shape Style panel. This isn’t ideal if the model is likely to change but it is an option.

Stacked viewports can be easier to work with and with the ability to control which tags are visible and what style is applied to each viewport, it’s actually pretty easy to get whatever sort of appearance you are after.

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Lineweight in LO reflects as 2 things multiply.
One is is base in your LO - SketchUp Model panel - Lineweight, if you happen to set that let’s say 0.1 pt first
Another is the multiply factor in your SketchUp style, edit the style there’s a line chapter where you can change your Profile let’s say 3
The final line weight in LO will be 0.1x3 =0.3 pt

If you want to have different line weight then you will need to overlay the scenes on a single page in LO