Line Weights in Layout

I have a question regarding line weights in layout. I organize into tags such as exterior walls, interior walls. I set the line weight for the view port. That works fine however in a section cut there is no attribute for the section cut point size for the line. If I edit the Tag/Dashes for the wall with the section cut it does not affect the cut. Sketchup lets you set the line weight in styles but that doesnt carry through to layout. I dont see a way to do this short of overlaying two viewports. That always a pain to keep alignment and extra work. I guessing it would have to be an addition to layout.

Using 2023 studio.

You can manipulate section line weight if you want. Here’s a quick example.

In my default SketchUp style I have Section Line weight set to 1. I also have Profiles set to 1.

The viewport on the left has Line Scale set to 1 pt. and I did nothing to manipulate Line Scale for the tag assigned to the component.

On the right I have set the viewport Line Scale to 2 pt. but the Line Scale for the tag to 0.5 pt. The edges of the component are thus displayed at 1 pt. (2 x 0.5) while the section lines are shown at 2 pt.

Keep in mind the viewport and tag line scales are multipliers for the weights in the style. If Section Lines were set to 2 in the SketchUp style and the viewport Line Scale was set to 2, the section lines would be shown at 4 pt. You can play the math like a bean counter and make it say whatever you want.

I will try again. I set the view port to a small value and want to beef up the section cut but it didnt seem to have an affect. I tried even a number big like 6pt in the tag with no change. As I said I will try again but it looks like I was doing the same thing you did. I even went to SU and bumped up the style line size. no affect. I will look to see if there is something I missed.

Thank you.

Upload your LO file and I’ll take a look and see if I can see what’s different.

I narrowed the issue down. It works when layout is set to raster but not hybrid. I have to set the point size for the view port then reduce tag by tag the ones I want to have thinner lines. Ive posted problems with hybrid and section cuts in another post with it not rendering correctly sometimes.

It worked for me with rendering set to Hybrid. Uou can see that in my screenshot.

walltest.layout (5.3 MB)
Looks to me like it doesnt work on section cuts in a viewport set to hybrid

Again it did for me in my example. There’s a section cut and the viewport is rendered in Hybrid.

Ok Im not looking to argue. It doesnt work in the layout file I up loaded above.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not trying to argue with you either but it does work in the LayOut file you uploaded if you set it up the way I described before.

I went into the SketchUp file and set Profiles to 1 and Section Lines to 2 and update the style. In LayOut I set the viewport Line Scale to 2 point and went into the tags, set the 1st Interior and 1 Exterior wall tags to the solid line style and set the weight to 0.5.

Screenshot - 3_27_2023 , 5_57_49 PM

In the plan view you have the numbers reversed so the viewport scale is set to 0.2 and the tag scale set to 6. In that viewport you can’t see the wall edges anyway. If you want the section lines to be heavier set the Viewport Line Scale higher, not lower.

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