How to make the line weights in Layout thinner

Hello everyone,

I’ve been having an issue with the quality of sketchup models when seen through the sketchup viewport in Layout. Essentially, if I have somewhat of a small scale like 1:100 they look OK and not too heavy.

When I scale to 1:300 + they begin to look very heavy, but I want to retain the thin line look. I have set the line weights within layout to the smallest it can possibly go. Not sure how to go about this as the drawings are for engineering plans.


Where did you set this? You can adjust the Line Scale for the select viewport in the SketchUp Model panel.

Are you looking at exported output? Or on screen while you are in LO?

How are you rendering - vector, hybrid, raster?

What are your LO settings for display and output?

Did you adjust the line in the SKP style? Are edges something other than ‘1’? Depth cue off, etc?

From sketchup 2022 you can set the line style for every tag you have on sketchup, you can also set a global line width as you were told, to be able to see this changes you must set the viewport rendering to vector or hybrid, raster is just an image, it’s good if you have a big file and want it to keep as small as possible but for exporting or printing it’s better to have all the viewports set to vector or hybrid.

In Layout I click on the viewport and adjust the line-weight from the tab, where I am provided with the scaling there.


The lines shown in this image are at a scale of 1:350.
When I zoom further out (on the document, not adjusting scale) they become thicker and ruin the style I want to convey.

1:350 but at a zoom level of 100%

I have been using vector in all of my documents in Layout. I am using a line scale of 0.10pts & auto.

LayOut will do what you describe in order to prevent lines from disappearing because they get too thin for your display to show. They won’t do that in an exported PDF. It sounds like you would prefer that those thin lines become invisible when you zoom out in LayOut?

Not sure as to what you would recommend to make the lines even thinner. I have tried to further scale down and export as a pdf but the quality is… lackluster to say the least, might as well say that its even worse.

Share the LO file and the resulting PDF. What exactly do you mean by “lackluster”?

did you, by any chance, enable profiles in the style you’re using ? and did you set a thickness greater than 1 to the profiles ?

if so, are these lines profiles in your sketchup file ?

Yes. do that. People have been guessing for 3 days, with the file it could be solved within minutes. always share a file.