Adjusting line weight in SketchUp Pro

Hello, Is there a way to adjust line weight in SketchUp Pro?


Many effects…
Fog too…

Sorry, but in STYLES, I don’t see where you can adjust the line weight.

You can’t assign lineweights in the sense of customary drafting usage, whereby all lines of a certain class or function (e.g., object lines, hidden lines, centerlines) are assigned a fixed, specified width. The styles add what you might call line accents and are intended primarily for artistic effect, tending to emulate the irregular appearance of manually drawn lines.

The only real control over lineweight you have is whether or not you use Profiles and if so how thick they are. Edges are always thin.

See the following article: The Styles Browser Edge panel


You cannot change an individual line’s line-weight, unless you use a Plugin to mimic it…
[see my 2Dtools - 2dLineStyler]

Otherwise use Layout…

Please correct me if I’m wrong, TIG, but those tools create lines lying flat on a plane, don’t they, such that the lines aren’t visible edge-on? It’s like using an image–they are best visible viewed head-on. Right?

I am talking about 3D lines that are visble with constant thickness from all angles as you orbit in 3D space, like SU’s limited existing dimension and leader lines, except manipulable as separate entities.

As for LayOut, I am definitely not interested in static 2D documents created in the image of paper.


There’s a line weight value box in the Layout Program… >SketchUp Models (panel) >Styles (tab)

I am trying to add new styles and even tried the above but can’t get anywhere at all - soooooo frustrating . help me !
i’m using pro 2014 and an imac - i can see the files and folders using the UI.openURL(“file:///#{Sketchup.find_support_file(‘Styles’)}”) code above through the Ruby console in Finder but can’t cut and paste, drag and drop ! Any help available ?!!

Have you tried going to the Details menu in the Styles browser? You can set up any convenient folder location for your SKMs and save it as a Collection(s) which would always be accessible through SU that way. The big benefit of a custom location is you can point all future SU upgrades to the same location.

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Yeah. What catamountain said except you’ll be looking for .style files not .skm.

Workaround here. I needed the edges of the buildings in my drawing to be just slightly darker, so I re-traced them in the model space and removed the surfaces so that they rendered as lines and not edges when they were exported.

Yes there is. Go to styles and select Edit for the style you’re using and for which you’d like line to have differnt attributes. Let’s do colour and lineweight. Click Edges. In the drop down box Color, select [By material]. Click Profiles and adjust the value to get different line thicknesses.
Then, in Layers, assign different colours to your layers and put the lines that have different colours in different layers.
Finally in the options list on the top-right of the Layers box, select Colour by layer.

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Use stacked viewports. Refer to Mike Brightmans ConDoc tools for this trick. You can have one scene with a style where edges are all set at 1pt line weight, and then create a new scene with the same camera location and edges set to 2+ pt linewight and turn on only layers you want to show as thick lines ( outer walls, etc). Then layout place the thick viewports over the top of the thin line viewports and now you have a dynamic link to update the scenes in SketchUp.

Just click through the existing styles to see if any work.

I like “wireframe” since I make construction documents.

I have to say having read all the conversation I am amazed that for a design package including layout where 2D drawings rely on line weights to convey certain details such as the design conventions of line weight - Sketchup cant do it!

In layout - seriously for a complex design you are suggesting to trace it with the clumsy , line tool that make shapes and curves and has to be layered to hide soilds that come from the tool. I did read the style / materials , go back and fill etc etc, well three weeks later! what a faff!

I feel your pain and frustration tcstewart2!

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SketchUp is a 3D face modeler. As such edges are primarily intended to define the bounds of the faces.

You’ve dredged up an ancient thread. There’s no need to trace anything in LayOut to be able to get different line weights. This can be easily managed in the SketchUp viewport using tags.

Thank you Dave
Would love to know how to do that!

You could benefit yourself by spending some time at The SketchUp Campus. This is a site that will provide the basics for learning the SketchUp modeling process. There are lessons for SketchUp and Layout. Also, spend some time at the SketchUp SketchUp YouTube site. It provides much information including how to use each tool.

Create tags as appropriate for the groups and components in your model. Then, in the SkethUp Model panel in LayOut, edit the Dashes settings for the tags in the Tags section.

Go through the tutorials as RLGL indicated.