Lineweights or Combining Scenes with varying styles?

I am trying to understand if there is a way to edit line weights (or make dashed lines) in SketchUp or find a work around to better show differing lines for a drawing to read better. I have also tried using layers and scenes to change styles and then combine the individual scenes in Photoshop. Is there a way of combining these different scenes in SketchUp somehow? I am hoping to make graphics that are editable for future use by others who may not have SketchUp Pro or Layout. Is there some internal way of overlaying scenes in one image?

There are two line weights in SketchUp, Edges and Profiles. Edges are fixed at 1 pixel wide and Profiles are adjustable in the Styles edit window. You can’t mix different styles as you’re trying to do.

For dashed lines, you can look at TIG’s 2D Tools available from the Sketchucation Plugin Store or the Dashed Line plugin from Smustard.

Is there any way of doing this using sketchup’s layout?

LayOut offers didn’t line styles and weights for entities drawn in LayOut. You can set line weights for SketchUp viewports however it is one line weight multiplier per viewport.