Line edges, styles and weights

Nov 2014

Aug 2015

…and many more

I have always wondered why style builder didn’t have a “dotted” or “dashed” line (I presume it’s because a line style is a picture that gets stretched from point to point.)
One of the feature requests I have had is that a style can be associated with a layer. Along with this it would be nice to:

  • set the edge pen style [pen texture, pen repeat distance, thickness, colour, extension, jitter,]
  • the cut-edge pen style [same settings]
  • the cut-fill [match face fill, default fill, specific fill].
  • (New) set an edge bleed value [this would blend from the surface fill on one side of the edge to the fill on the other - a ‘padding off-set border’ of X that would fade from 100% opaque to 100% transparent]
  • set the point style [shape, size, colour]
  • set the ‘fog’ for edges [as default tic, colour, fade from/to %] (independent from general ‘fog’)

The pen repeat distance is my solution to a dash/dot style - if the repeat distance is 0 then it stretches the pen texture along the length of the line (as it does just now). Otherwise it makes the pen texture X long and repeats it down the length of the line.