Dashed dotted different weight lines

Hi just adding my two cents to the request for a similar gui in sketchup as already exist in layout. The ability to change line weights and line type would be incredibly useful to show assembly and design of details



Except that SketchUp does not have “lines”. It has Edges.

Do you think SketchUp should have a new kind of Line entity, that does not intersect with edge or face geometry ?

Edges can be changes with styles with loads of different options, and there is a “style builder” program that gets installed with SU.

What might be nice/useful would be the ability to attach a style to a layer. (But then there is the headache of having entities spanning multiple layers)

If you want an entity that does not intersect with edges or faces, then isn’t that a Guideline? If you are looking for sectional outlines and stuff like that, there is an excellent plugin (that I can’t remember the name of).

I think I remember a FR for solid stipple guides.