Line weights in Sketchup Make

Is it possible to change the weight of lines in Sketchup Make? I can’t find a command to do this.

No. Not really. You can set a weight for Profiles but not line weight. SketchUp is a surface model and the “lines” you draw are really edges for faces. Dan Rathbun explains this well.

If you wish to make images of your models and control line weights, it is possible in LayOut or there are some manipulations you can do with image exports.

For the record, in my opinion, the inability to control line weights and line conventions is one of SU’s more egregious and inexplicable omissions. The whole discussion about “edges” versus “lines” is very nice but doesn’t really address the point that graphic lines would be able to serve the same functions–arguably indispensable functions–in 3D as they do in 2D. There is nothing about these graphical elements that inherently limits them to 2D.

I could easily see an argument to the effect that graphical elements (like lines) are out of place in a photo-realistic presentation–there would indeed be a certain cognitive dissonance there. But since SU is more diagrammatic than photo-realistic, I don’t think we would find the same incongruity in seeing graphical elements annotating a SU model.

I find it hard to accept the premise that in order to enjoy the benefits of a dynamic 3D interface, one must forego the entire well established vocabulary of graphic symbology.