Lineweight workaround


I’ve spent the day so far trying to understand whether there is meaningful control of lineweights for individual objects in SketchUp and Layout. I know that a Style can be assigned a lineweight, but I’m interested in whether certain lines within a view can carry an individual lineweight.

First, a few statements:
In SketchUp:
A specific lineweight cannot be assigned directly to an individual object.
A specific lineweight cannot be assigned to a layer.
A specific lineweight (measured in pixels) can be assigned as part of a Style.
By assigning a Style to a Scene, a specific lineweight can be assigned to an entire Scene. All objects that appear in the Scene will carry the same lineweight.
In Layout:
In the SketchUp Model tray, a specific Line Weight override / multiplier can be assigned to a Style that has been imported as part of the inserted SketchUp model.

Assuming that those statements are true, and that I haven’t missed some crucial function, then apparently the most accepted approach to getting lineweights is a workaround that others have described:

In SketchUp:
Divide the model up by three layers, for three lineweights, Wide, Medium, Thin.
Make three Styles, corresponding to the three lineweights. You can assign specific lineweights in the Styles, but you don’t have to, since Layout has a Line Weight override / multiplier that can be used to assign lineweights to Styles later.
Make three Scenes, also corresponding to the three lineweights, with identical camera view settings, and assign the three new Styles to the three new Scenes.
You now have three Scenes showing the same point of view of the model, with each Scene showing only wide lines, or only medium lines, or only thin lines.
In Layout
Insert the three SketchUp Scenes as three viewports, set them to the same scale, stack them on each other, perfectly aligned, with the stacking order correct. Select each viewport, and in the SketchUp Model tray, Styles tab, adjust the Line Weight override / multiplier for each of the three imported Styles so that lineweights look the way you want.

Am I understanding this all correctly? Is this the most common, most accepted workaround for adding lineweights to individual objects in views of the model?


That’s one way to do it.

In SketchUp edges are primarily intended to define the limits of faces. They aren’t intended to be “lines” in that sense. You can use stacked viewports in LayOut or, depending on the need, you might find it easier to just set lines drawn in LO over the viewport to the desired weights/styles. I use both methods.