Layout line style control bug:

Hi everyone. I’ve got quite the problem here, having spent a day already on this and losing valuable working time. See attached sketchup file and layout file:

I want to outline for the builder all of the beams in a red line style outline. Layout does not take priority over when a line is shown in red for my example when it should. You’ll see in the attached file what’s happening.

A summary:

You’ll see attached a floor plan photo and than a photo of the elevation view where the beam objects marked #1 are in red, they should show in red in floor plan but do not.

I have an example beam object marked #1, it should show a red outline since I’ve over ridden that tag in layout. It does not. It shows up in black outline, even though the beam object is closest to teh camera in top view. There is an identically sized object below it that is called columns, I’ve only made the layout viewport show beams in red, even though the beams #1 is nearest the camera in top view are marked with the red outline override, they show up in black. This is obviously incorrect.

What does this mean?:

It means I cannot higlihgt objects using colouLine priority problems.layout (540.2 KB) Line priority problems.skp (300.7 KB)

red lines to show a builder for example what they are seeing in a more colour communicated way. I would think logically that the objects nearest the camera with a certain line style should show up with that line style, but they do not all of the time. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, layout seems to have a random way of displaying which line styles take priority and which don’t, regardless of if an object is in the forefront of the view or not…

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Tucker, I think it’s essentially the same problem that I have been reporting in other posts…

Until this is sorted out (if it can be sorted out) the entire tag override feature in Layout is pointless and not useful

Edges show all black unless your style has their colour set as “by material”. In your case I would additionally use the “Color by tag” setting and give the “Beams” tag a red colour. Now “Untagged” has been assigned red.

Anssi, does your reply acknowledge that Tucker is using the tag override feature in layout…?

Sorry, I was first checking the SKP he posted and wondering about that

Now when trying things in LayOut, raster rendering seems to work.

The problem is not in the elevation. In plan, the blocks that are on layer Columns that are below the blocks that are on the Beams layer, obscure the red lines that should come on top, in Vector or Hybrid rendering. In Raster everything displays OK.

Yes, I found that raster does not show the problem… but as I mentioned in the other posts, for me, raster is not an acceptable ‘workaround’ :frowning_face:

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Why? Are you always looking through a microscope?

Raster rendered output from LayOut in High quality is at 300 DPI. That is the highest that colour printers are capable of, higher is just wasted computing power or file space (colour is achieved with dithering, that is, a 300 DPI colour print needs a 1200 DPI printer, or, for non-dithered output, a colour sublimation printer which also maxes at 300 DPI). For black and white printing, you can see the difference between a 300 DPI print and a 600 DPI print or higher with a magnifier but for construction documents that hasn’t the slightest importance.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I would guess that a stacked viewport configuration would be a workaround that allowed for vector rendering.

You guys have good points. Rather than have a long text written response, I’m going to answer in a few minute video illustrating more clearly some of the problems…

I don’t think this is as simple as it might seem on first glance…

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STYLE BY FACE (2D linework):

Style by face would allow me to use a wireframe style and show only objects seen in a camera view (nothing hidden, only objects seen in the camera view) and it would be a 2d flat linework type of style. It would take a face cut of all objects shown and the then facecut linework would all still be organized by the tag they were on just now in 2d looking line work. I could then adjust the edge settings of the different tags of the 2d line work face style viewport and get my desired results by overlaying this onto my elevation scene view to get a clean looking red outline that I’m looking for on beams and columns.

Dave you are the sketchup “KING OF THE CASTLE” (borat reference)…

@DaveR Dave R has provided a good possible solution.

I actually thought of this yesterday before bed and than wandered onto another thought funny enough that dave mentioned this haha…

Basically since there would be no practical way to hide objects behind via tags for the columns and beams, he’s proposing I use a reveresed section cut to hide things in the background, than do my wireframe beam and column with the line style I want overlay… This is possibly a good work around… I’ll look into this now…

Updated thoughts after reviewing:

Yea this is not a good method dave in the long run, since in an elevation view I will have columns and beams in view that are up front close to the camera, and if in view there will be ones you can see in the background far away as well, I don’t want to cut those beams and columns that are farther in the background off from the view, I want everything in view to show up, so the sectioning off to be tight up close to the forefront camera view would cut everything off in the background I want to see…

I understand what you say Anssi…

But, and I don’t have any direct evidence, I suspect that here in the UK, plans for planning and building control are probably being viewed more and more on screen.

Certainly many builders are viewing plans on screen.

Building Control officers turn up on site with tablets.

When I get PDFs from other consultants I’m certainly not printing them out to review - I’m panning and zooming the PDF.

You don’t have to zoom in too far to a SketchUp raster PDF before you see pixelated non straight linework. That is unacceptable for me.


@paul.mcalenan, do you have any solution for what I’m trying to do?

I haven’t given your specific problem much thought Tucker, but if I understand it correctly then I would just do some Layout linework over what I need to show…

Just a quick example, two identical scenes zoomed into the top right quarter of an A3 sheet…

This screenshot below is in raster

This screenshot below is in vector (plus raster under viewport for shadows and shading)

I know which one I prefer.

I don’t think that it’s excessive to zoom in this far when reviewing plans on screen

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The problem with the linework is that when I have some crazy curves, it would be so tough to get the curves to look good and overlay properly… I have some work around ideas I’ll be testing today… Day 4 with this stuff… Going to have to get something going very soon either way…

Yea with your example there, that’s clear as day, raster looks terrible.

@Mark do you guys have any solutions for this problem? It seems like a pretty reasonable request. I use sketchup and layout professionaly, as does Paul. Will this get some attention or a work around provided this year or are we looking at waiting years for something to happen with this kind of thing?

I have in the past traced over curves with Layout linework :scream:

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I would rather not think of that… I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say that.