Reproducing this effect in layout

How would I go about reproducing this look in layout?
Certain groups are in color and others are greyed out.

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If I just need an overview illustration I import a .png screenshot.

This sort of thing:


Having a JPG as hi def and as big as I want it is causing me some serious issues.


Maybe try as .png? Can you share a jpg file you are having issues with.

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Will do, tomorrow.

I was reminded of this:

Does it help?

Looks like the OP got their effect using desaturated colours (?).

If you change the edge colour to a grey, your highlighted structure would also have the grey edge colour…

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It’s unfortunate that this sort of thing can’t be done. Many have asked for the ability to highlight a part of the model similar to component edit. It seems it would be done in LayOut with stacked viewports but then how do you show that part in the midst of the model? I suppose stacking a view of the foreground with a section cut, a scene of the highlighted part only etc. might be a workaround.

This can be done.
Hope this can help @LinearGraphs
Screenshot 2022-06-12 172838

Example File: 11th Floor.skp (2.3 MB)

This plugin is written by my self to tag edges and faces in any groups/components from outside. Not only Layer0 (Untagged) but also for any tags.
5d_geometry_to_tag_v1.0.rbz (1.7 KB)


It is not overly complicated:

Example file (over 7 years old)styledemo.layout (338.0 KB)

I do the same but in Powerpoint! :slight_smile:

May I ask why you were reminded of the forum thread.

Because it occurred to me that what Braden was trying to achieve was similar to the “washed out” effect that the post I referred to was discussing…??

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The thing I show in that old thread would be even easier to do now in LO2022.

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Oh? Please feel free to enlighten us step by step :smiley:

I think this effect is pretty slick and the best one that I’ve seen this far is the one you showed in

But, if it was possible, I would like to somehow go for the background colors being completely desaturated to black and white.

How do I edit this post so that it is a reply to your post @DaveR?

You can combine controlling tag visibility, styles, stacked viewports, and maybe, depending on what you need, translucent “scrims” you can do this with a single scene, now. I’ll see if I can make an example.

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Alright, so this is a quickie from an existing model. I used the same scene for all of the viewports. The top left viewport reflects the scene in SketchUp. The top right shows the table without the “leaf” tag visible. The bottom shows the results with three stacked viewports (each on its own layer in LO) and the center row shows top, middle, and bottom viewports. The top and bottom viewports use a style with edges turned off. I adjusted the front face color so it would show against the paper more easily. The front face color could be white, edges could be left on and the edge color set to gray or any number of things. Simple to set up and still maintains the link to the scene in SketchUp so edits could be made to the model and the changes would update in LO.


Wow thanks for that! I will attempt to recreate it, but will be trying to desaturate the washed out colors completely to match the photo I showed.

I’ll let you know.

This is interesting. What do you do to remove the tags you just applied using your plugin?

Also, good to see I’m not the only one using this:

With the Monochrome face style you can eliminate the color and just have shading. If you don’t want the shading use Hidden Line with the background color set to white.

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Select the groups that you have applied the washed out tag to and then use the plugin to apply the untagged tag.